Seminar’s venue


The Faculty of Philology is one of the most vibrant faculties at Universidad de Salamanca thanks to its location in the heart of the historical centre of the city. The Faculty offers a wide range of degrees, master’s and PhD programmes across different languages and disciplines. The main building of the Faculty is El Palacio de Anaya, located in the striking square of Plaza de Anaya and facing the grand New Cathedral. This palace owes its name to Diego de Anaya y Maldonado, the founder of the original building, the College of San Bartolomé in 1401. This was the first colegio mayor that is recorded in Spain. From the 18th century on, the building became a palace and throughout the next centuries it would occasionally fulfil other purposes, for example, that of a military residence, until it became an academic building in 1927. The palace is today home to the Departments of Classical and Indo-European Studies, Spanish Language and Spanish and Hispanic Literatures.

The Faculty is also comprised of other buildings. Hospedería is a historical building originally used for student housing and where the Departments of French Studies and Modern Languages are currently based. Aulario de Anayita (also known as Juan del Enzina) is a modern building for teaching.

The Department of English Studies is located in the nearby street of Placentinos.

For more information about the history of the Faculty of Philology, check out its official website on this link .

Buildings where the seminar will take place